Aurora Behavioral Health Grand Opening of ECT Treatment Program

Aurora Behavioral Health System is pleased to announce the grand opening of our
ECT Treatment Program at Aurora West in Glendale.


Advantages to using Aurora for your patients’ ECT needs include:

* Initial consultation available within 72 hours.

* Outpatient appointments can be scheduled in 24-72 hours!

* One of the few locations in the state to be using the very latest in ECT technology, which helps reduce short-term memory loss.

* Family member/friend can meet with the psychiatrist and anesthesiologist before each ECT treatment.

* Family member/friend can be with the patient up until the the time of anesthesia.

* ECT psychiatrist will be available to answer a patient’s questions and address any concerns after the treatment.

For more information, or to schedule a consult for a patient, please contact our 24/7 Patient Services Helpline at 480.345.5420.