Are You Newly Eligible for Medicare Or Just Need A Refresher?

CareMore Experts Discuss What You Need To Know For This Year’s Open Enrollment Period October 15th through December 7th

TUCSON, Az. – Each year at this time it’s on the minds of most seniors and caretakers of older adults in the Pima area.  It’s Medicare, and starting October 15 and continuing through December 7th, the annual open enrollment period for seniors to select their benefits beginning in 2016 is in effect.
            Having a hard time understanding the budget debate about Medicare?  Scare tactics aside, there are more Medicare options today than ever before and it’s important to make the right decision about your or your loved one’s medical care benefits. So how do you know where to start?

            “I tell consumers to bring in their current Medicare benefit plan so we can discuss what options they may have for the coming benefit year,” said Chanchal Yadav, MD of CareMore Health Plan, a highly regarded Medicare Advantage program that serves seniors and other Medicare eligible consumers in the Pima area.  “There is an overabundance of information available to the public about Medicare options so you should sift through what’s important for you to know related to changes to your plan for the coming year, whether with your current provider or another trusted resource.”
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