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Discovering our limitations is tough.  My family knows firsthand.  When my husband was diagnosed with cancer we experienced sadness, exhaustion and stress.  My commitments to work and family stretched beyond my capability.  As others joined beside me, we pulled together as a team.  More important to my respite, my husband was able to thrive at home.  This is vital as living at home empowers independence, recovers dignity and grants familiarity leading to a healthier life.

Through my experience, I learned that home care in Arizona is different than in most of the country.  Arizona permits the use of independent contractors and does not require criminal background clearance for caregivers.  The lack of regulation in Arizona places citizens at risk.  The more I have learned, the more I have become involved in protecting seniors and their families.  This has led to Adultcare Assistance Homecare maintaining the highest standards for caregiver selection and training.  My desire to protect Arizona seniors extends beyond my company with my appointment as the President of the Arizona Chapter of the Home Care Association of America.

Asking for help made everything else possible.  As others were there for me, I am here for you.  Sometimes it helps to talk with somebody who understands.

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