4 Reasons Why Caregivers Are Crucial For Seniors With Critical Illnesses

Why Caregivers Are Important for Elderly with Critical Illnesses in Prescott, AZ
When a senior is critically ill, it is important to surround him or her with the right types of care to keep them stable. Professional caregivers play a valuable role in helping ill seniors and their families manage this difficult time.

1. They Assist with Medication Management

When managing a critical illness, seniors are often prescribed multiple medications, which can be difficult to keep up with when they are not feeling well. For this reason, caregivers in Prescott, AZ, are trained to help seniors stick to their medication schedule, and they also guard against overdosing and keep an eye out for signs of a bad reaction to a new medication. If a senior does have a problem with a medication, a caregiver can speak with the senior’s medical team to report what he or she has observed.

2. They Stay Alert for Changes in Health

A senior’s health can fluctuate rapidly when he or she is critically ill, which is why Prescott, AZ, live-in care often needs to be provided around the clock. If a senior’s fever spikes at midnight, an overnight caregiver will notice. Additionally, the caregiver can alert emergency services immediately if the senior suddenly takes a turn for the worse.

3. They Promote Positive Emotional Health

Having a strong emotional attitude plays a major role in helping seniors battle serious illnesses. Caregivers provide opportunities for socialization that help seniors stay positive. From offering a gentle smile upon entering the senior’s room to sharing a joke they read in their email, caregivers help lighten the mood every day.

4. They Help Prevent Injuries

Independent-minded seniors are often tempted to do more than their bodies can handle during a time of illness. Often, a senior’s health worsens due to an injury sustained while trying to cook or take a bath. Caregivers help with these and other daily tasks so seniors are less likely to slip and fall as they move through the house.
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